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We are proud to offer practical grassroots finance education.

Grassroots Training

Formal Courses

Formal Courses At Universal Wealth Management we have developed a competency based course 'Consumer Skills and Financial Management' which underpins finance knowledge and competence.

Finance knowledge is one of the most sought after competencies a consumer of financial services seeks from people working in the financial services industry.

Our education course deliberately has a broad range of competencies. The course provides information to gather knowledge from. That knowledge is built into understanding and is used in tasks. These tasks demonstrate knowledge, understanding, enterprise and responsibility in using money and money resources to create wealth over time.

Our course provides the big picture and demonstrates how everything people, business and government do with money interrelates and it encourages responsible action in the use of money.

Lo, money is plentiful for those who know how to use the simple rules of acquisition.

We can help you can find all the information you need.