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We are proud to offer formal finance courses. Grassroots training that has been developed internally by Maria Rigoni.

Find the Right Property

Source a New Home

Source a New HomeLooking to buy a property for personal use? We can help.

Deciding to buy a new home can be a difficult decision to make, as 'home' usually has great meaning for most people. A home provides shelter, but it is more than a building because it is a place that holds memorable moments and enhances lifestyle.

People very often allow their emotions take over their rational decision making process when they find the "home of their dreams".

At Universal Wealth Management, we have our clients best interests at heart and want to help them secure their ideal property at a great price.

We invite people to use our experience, knowledge and expertise to make their next property purchase profitable and hassle-free.

Universal Wealth Management can assist to find the right home in the right location for the right price by introducing you to suitably qualified people who have exclusive access to important data and information that can help to make the right choice when it comes to buying property.

Our property experts specialise in locating and negotiating the purchase of a property on behalf of the buyer. They also conduct background checks on the property and area to ensure buyers pay the fairest price to their advantage.

The due diligence process considers: location, demographics, property specifications, history, local strategic planning & infrastructure, market appraisal, investment analysis including rentals and depreciation schedules, developer & architect profiles.

Our property experts may have access to sought after properties that many people in the market do not even know are for sale.

Time saving

A buyer's agents, such as Australian Property Buyers can take the leg-work out of buying a property. They undertake comprehensive property searches for their clients; they meet with estate agents and attend inspections on their clients' behalf.

UniQ Property places high importance on quality and ensures that the maximum amount of due diligence is completed on every project to compliment each purchasers current and future financial requirements. Some of these properties represent exception value with long term prospects and, typically, may not be available to the general public. They specialise in boutique residential projects.

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