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We can advise you about all your home and investment loan options. Obtaining the right home loan finance is probably the most important task of a property purchase.

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Finance for Investing

Finance for InvestingBy using a successful investment property strategy many people create significant wealth over time and obtain financial freedom.

Investing is a strategy that can be an easy way to achieve financial goals in a low-cost, tax-effective way. Investing in the wrong asset or using an inappropriate credit product can also make hard earned money disappear very quickly.

We have assisted many, many investors over time and have seen many good strategies and some that just do not work. Whether it is a first investment or part of a detailed ongoing strategy Universal Wealth Management, though our experience and knowledge, offer practical "know how" to people wanting to borrow money to invest.

An astute real property investor takes opportunity to buy in an area where the property is expected to increase in value over time. By renting out their investment property they receive income and may minimise taxation liability.

Residential investment property loans have become more flexible and are often used by astute investors to minimise their repayments and increase their cash flows. The outstanding balance can be paid down to ensure that the asset is owned in time.

Buying "off-the-plan" means an investor can purchase a real property at today's prices and only pay a small portion of the costs upfront. Most of the purchase costs are delayed until the building is completed, which can be more than a year later. This may result in a capital gain or loss being made on an investment property before it has been paid for. A savings in state government stamp duty may also apply.

We suggest that independent advice from a registered and suitably qualified tax agent is obtained to ensure that all aspects of a taxation situation are fully considered. The Australian Taxation Office has many information booklets that may provide you with investment guidance.

Universal Wealth Management can explain how investing in real property in Australia has created significant wealth for many everyday Australian's. We can reveal how to create real sustainable wealth for anyone with a capacity and commitment for the financial investment.

Used prudentially and wisely existing equity in real property or shares currently owned may help to build additional wealth.

With sufficient equity in a home or money to invest Universal Wealth Management can help to ensure that a financial future is rich with possibilities. It is even possible to borrow to purchase a share portfolio or other preferred investment.

Universal Wealth Management has access to a flexible range of investment loans to meet the differing needs of investors including the purchase or building of rental property, flats, units and townhouses.

A flexible competitive investment loan may save money in interest repayments, fees and charges.