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We can advise you about all your home and investment loan options. Obtaining the right home loan finance is probably the most important task of a property purchase.

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Business & Commercial Loans

Business & Commercial LoansFor people in business flexibility and control over their finance are important. Universal Wealth Management has access to a good range of credit providers who specialise in loans for small, medium and large business.

A flexible loan facility is designed to assist small, medium and large businesses to expand by providing finance for any worthwhile business need. Commercial lending requires skills to create and structure financial presentations that offer credit providers good reasons to fund loans.

We can assist to structure small business and commercial loan transactions of all types including but not limited to hotels, apartment buildings, age care and child care facilities, rent rolls, taxi licences, and warehouse, factories, construction, and development loans.

Small Business and commercial loans are usually secured by residential, commercial or rural property however in some cases, such as a taxi licence or a rent roll or a good range of franchises, the business itself may be considered as a suitable security.

Depending on the security offered and economic conditions Universal Wealth Management can source small businesses a loan at the same low standard variable rate as our home loans with great features, such as unlimited redraw and no monthly service fee.

A business loan facility is designed to help move a business forward - for expansion, plant and machinery, to buy a business premises or any worthwhile business need. Loans are available for the start up of a business as well as for the purchase an established business or franchise operation.

A Business Overdraft may help to even out fluctuations in business cash flow. An overdraft facility is attached to a business cheque account; the overdraft limit can be withdrawn to at any time. A Business Line of Credit is a 'come and go' revolving credit facility commonly used for injecting capital into the business. The principal can be repaid and redrawn at any time. A revolving line of credit is perfect for any business if it needs access to funds for working capital requirements.

Fixed or variable rates of interest can be arranged and terms range from 1 to 30 years depending on the type of security offered.

Debtor finance arrangements may present the solution to a cash flow problem and when no "bricks and mortar" security is available.

For a new business venture an owner has to decide on a legal structure when they start their business. The main choices are:

  • Sole trader or "single proprietor"
  • Partnership
  • Trust or
  • Company

Legal and accounting advice is a good place to start to make sure a new business is started on the right foot. This can involve complicated issues and may need proper planning.

Lo, money is plentiful for those who know how to use the simple rules of acquisition.

We can help you can find all the information you need.